Bailey JR et al. Laryngectomy with a Tritube® and flow-controlled ventilation. Anaesth Rep. 2021 May 7;9(1):86-89. doi: 10.1002/anr3.12114.

Dr. Bailey and colleagues present a case report in which Evone combined with Tritube enabled curative, en bloc resection of an advanced transglottic tumour (total laryngectomy) in a 43 year old patient who presented with acute lower airway obstruction. After the ultrathin Tritube was advanced easily along the bulky tumor and secured the airway, resulting in a good surgical view, ventilation of the patient in FCV mode by Evone provided ‘excellent gas exchange’. Continuous, closed ventilation provided with this combination helped avoid problems seen while using traditional laryngectomy tubes, i.e. multiple extubations, apneic periods, emergency tracheostomy and the associated possibility of tumor seeding. The authors mention to have used Evone and Tritube for management of several similar cases, which ‘has facilitated debulking of the tumours in each case while minimising risk to the patient.’