Doyle. Ventilation via Narrow-Bore Catheters: Clinical and Technical Perspectives on the Ventrain Ventilation System. The Open Anaesthesia Journal Sep 2018; 12, 49-60

This review by Dr. Doyle provides a nice overview of available literature regarding the Ventrain ventilation system. A short explanation of the physical principles underlying the functional concept of Ventrain is followed by a summary of bench and animal studies that demonstrate novelty and efficient performance of the device. Dr. Doyle then highlights clinical cases and studies demonstrating clear advantages of Ventrain compared to conventional ventilation techniques through small lumen catheters. He describes the use of Ventrain during upper airway surgery, in emergency CICO (‘Cannot Intubate, Cannot Oxygenate’) situations and for critical pediatric airways. In summary, all published data support an emerging and promising role of Ventrain in clinical airway management.