Jeyarajah and Ahmad. Awake tracheal placement of the Tritube® under flexible bronchoscopic guidance. Anaesthesia Cases / 2018-0097 / ISSN 2396-8397 epub Jul 2018

Dr Imran Ahmad is the first to describe a challenging airway case, in which Tritube and Evone were found of significant value. The patient, scheduled for panendoscopy, had an anticipated difficult airway combined with airway pathology and COPD. Dr Ahmad therefore opted for awake tracheal intubation with Tritube. After awake placement of the flexible bronchoscope, Tritube was elegantly guided using a silk surture tied over the bronchoscope. The patient was anesthetized and adequately ventilated with Evone for 45 minutes. Tritube allowed adequate surgical access with the advantage of a definitive airway, whilst continuous ventilation was delivered.