Kristensen et al. Ventilation via the 2.4 mm internal diameter Tritube® with cuff – new possibilities in airway management. Acta Anesthesiol. Scand. 2017 Jul; 61(6):580-589

Kristensen and colleagues were the first to describe Tritube’s clinical use in seven adult Ear-Nose-Throat surgical patients with airway narrowing or whose surgical access was facilitated by this small-bore endotracheal tube. In combination with Ventrain adequate ventilation was achieved in all patients and intratracheal pressure was kept between 5 and 20 cm H2O. They concluded that: “The 2.4 mm internal diameter Tritube seems to facilitate tracheal intubation and to provide unprecedented view of the intubated airway during oral, pharyngeal, laryngeal or tracheal procedures in adults.
Additionally, they state that: “This technique has the potential to replace temporary tracheostomy, jet-ventilation or extra-corporal membrane oxygenation in selected patients”