Noppens. Ventilation through a ‘straw’: the final answer in a totally closed upper airway? Br J Anaesth. 2015

Dr. Ruediger Noppens deliberated Ventrain’s clinical significance: “The idea and working principle behind the Ventrain are very promising and have the potential to change the way we look at ventilation through small-bore cannulae, not only in emergency situations.”

“For the benefit of patients in critical situations, it will be necessary to train and educate as many anaesthetists as possible in this novel ventilation technique, not only to avoid inappropriate use, but to allow its incorporation into routine airway management in the future.”

This editorial refers to the study of Paxian and colleagues, which elegantly demonstrates that Ventrain ensures sufficient oxygenation and ventilation through a small-bore transtracheal catheter in cases of an open, partly obstructed, or completely closed airway.