Piosik et al. Ultra-narrow 2.4 mm id Tritube® together with Evone® ventilation allows surgical access and controlled ventilation even in case of severe stenosis. Trends in Anaesthesia and Critical Care 2018 (23); 20

Piosik and colleagues report the successful use of Evone and Tritube for surgery of a severe glottic stenosis. The patient, with a history of laryngeal papillomatosis, suffered from a fixated and thickened laryngeal inlet after several treatment procedures and had a previously abandoned jet ventilation. She presented with stridor and poor voice and was scheduled for surgical reduction of the stenosis and Mitomycin C treatment for symptomatic improvement. Ultrathin Tritube was intubated easily and provided excellent surgical working conditions, while Evone facilitated normoventilation with low airway pressures throughout the procedure. The authors state that this case demonstrates “promising perspectives of treatment options for laryngeal surgery”.