Schmidt et al. Flow-controlled ventilation during ear, nose and throat surgery. A prospective observational study. Eur J Anaesthesiol. 2019

The first clinical study on FCV using Evone® and Tritube® in a series of cases has been published in the European Journal of Anaesthesiology. The study, conducted at two German academic medical centers, showed adequate ventilation during ear-nose-throat surgery, with stable respiratory and hemodynamic parameters throughout the procedure. Online videos illustrate good visibility of the laryngeal structures during and after placement of Tritube and the linear intratracheal pressures displayed on the screen by Evone during ventilation in FCV mode. With Tritube’s cuff deflated, patients could comfortably breathe spontaneously after emergence from anesthesia. In one patient Tritube (with deflated cuff) was left in place until arrival in the post anesthesia care unit. This is the first study that reports the clinical use of FCV by Evone ventilator in combination with the narrow-bore Tritube, providing a sealed airway and controlled ventilation. The authors state that, “FCV in combination with Tritube contributes to the armamentarium for airway management”.