Schmidt et al. Glottic visibility for laryngeal surgery: Tritube® vs. microlaryngeal tube – a randomized controlled trial. Eur J Anaesthesiol. 2019; 36:963-971

The workgroup of Prof. Schumann demonstrated in a randomized controlled trial involving patients undergoing laryngeal surgery that Tritube improves surgical conditions for surgeons with a lower level of expertise by reducing concealment of laryngeal structures (-68%; P<0.001) compared to a microlaryngeal tube (MLT)-6. Further, they showed that FCV® improves lung aeration and respiratory system compliance compared with VCV (63±14 vs. 46±8 mL/cmH2O; P<0.001), while using a lower inspiratory plateau pressure (14±2 vs. 17±2 cmH2O; P<0.001).