Shallik N et al. Management of critical tracheal stenosis with a straw sized tube (Tritube): Case report. Qatar Med J. 2021 Jan 28;2020(3):48. doi: 10.5339/qmj.2020.48.

Dr. Shallik and colleagues present the use of Evone and Tritube to manage a challenging case of thyroidectomy. The patient presented with an invasive thyroid carcinoma causing a significant tracheal stenosis with the narrowest part of only 4 mm, limiting the options for airway management. Upon initiation of anesthesia with the STRIVE-Hi technique the airway was secured by intubation with Tritube, and the patient was optimally ventilated throughout the six hours procedure in the FCV mode by Evone. The authors stress that Evone in combination with Tritube represents an improved method to safely ventilate patients with a difficult airway, reducing the risk of barotrauma compared to high-frequency jet ventilation, and potentially eliminating the need for ECMO.