Spraider P et al. A case report of individualized ventilation in a COVID-19 patient – new possibilities and caveats to consider with flow-controlled ventilation. BMC Anesthesiol. 2021 May 12;21(1):145.

In this case report, Spraider et al. describe for the first time the ventilation of a Covid-19 ARDS patient with severely compromised lung function using FCV by Evone. Compared to best standard of care pressure-controlled ventilation (PCV), FCV quickly led to an increase of the oxygenation index by 30%, and subsequently allowed the reduction of invasiveness of ventilation by applying a compliance-guided optimization approach. However, when further optimization became limited by the severe extent of lung damage and the patient’s condition deteriorated, it was decided to switch back to PCV with highly invasive pressure settings. This publication elucidated the possibilities of a personalized ventilation approach uniquely offered by Evone, and at the same time describes its potential restrictions in the presence of massively compromised lung tissue.