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Patient ventilation with minimal impact and maximal control

The ventilation offered by Ventinova Medical is the only one that provides the advantages of FCV® technology.


Mechanical ventilator with FCV® technology

  • Fully Controlled Ventilation
  •  Via conventional endotracheal tube or our ultrathin Tritube ®
  • Additional Jet Ventilation Mode
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Manual ventilator with FCV® technology

  • Full Controlled Ventilation in your hand.
  • Small lumen ventilation for expected or unexpected difficult airway.
  • Best option in CICO (Can’t Intubate Can’t Oxigenate)
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2 mm catheter cricoideoectomy kit

  • Small bore: minimun invasive maximal control
  • Saves lives in CICO  ( Can´t Intuvate Can´t Oxigenate) situations
  • Curved needle: easy insertion on any situations
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Protective mechanical ventilation with FCV® technology

  • More space during laryngo-tracheal surgery
  • Minimized contamination risk, Aerosole Risk reduction
  • Easy access to the airway
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