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Abram et al. Improved ventilation efficiency due to continuous gas flow compared to decelerating gas flow in mechanical ventilation – results of a porcine trial. Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol 2023

This porcine study shows that ventilation with continuous gas flow (FCV) as compared to decelerating (PCV) gas flow, applied with similar pressures and frequency, results in smaller tidal volumes (-30%; P<000.1) and lower minute volume (-23%; P=0.006), but maintains oxygenation and CO2-removal. The authors conclude that continuous gas flow (FCV) improves gas exchange efficiency. This paper nicely explains the necessitate pressure gradient over the ventilator – trachea – alveoli in a continuous gas flow ventilation (FCV): the phenomenon causing a smaller alveolar pressure swing (and thus tidal volume) during FCV as compared to PCV, when using similar pressure settings.


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